Following the security intelligence gathered and circulated virally on 29th day of July, 2021 that armed Fulani militias would attack and mow down farmed crops in certain villages which has been affirmed by atrocious actions of the militias giving rise to perturbation over the 18 hectares of farmed crops mowed down and grazed upon overnight of 29th July 2021in Tanjol village of Jol Community, Riyom LGA by Fulani militias suspected to have hailed from Rotchun (Rafin-Acha) and Rankum (Mahanga) axis, a 6-day old baby has been turned orphan at Gwa-Rim village of Rim Community this morning, 30th July, 2021.

The latter incident is said to had occurred at about 8:00am of today when the deceased and his aged mother were going to earthen their Maize farm, but sadly couldn’t get to carry out the farming activity as a result of the invasion that consumed Mr. Amos Danladi Dabwarang, aged 24, leaving behind the little baby, wife and the aged mother.

Mrs Elizabeth Danladi, the mother of the deceased reluctantly responds to an interview that, “when we were going to earthen the lone Maize farm we have at the outskirt of our residential area, my son carried fertilizer and went a little bit ahead of me. When Amos, my son was close to the farmland, I heard gunshots ….. he fall down and screamed 3 times after which he breathed heavily,” drawing a conclusion that her son must have given up his ghost, said Mrs. Elizabeth who couldn’t make further comment but broke out in tears. She ran back, calling aloud for help but to no avail until when local vigilante ran into the scene and found the breathless body of Amos in a pool of blood.

Amos, a responsible young man was very supportive not only to his wife, but also the mother who had looked up to him for every help, “out of every#10.00 of his, Amos gave me #5.00..” said Mrs. Elizabeth who bursted out in tears again, recalling the nostalgia of the good times she had with him and his late father who was similarly killed by Fulani militias five years ago.

Amongst the hundreds of sympathizers is Hon. Timothy Dantong, member representing Riyom LGA at Plateau State House of Assembly, condemning the act of terrorism meted out on the innocent and promising young man who was the breadwinner of the family. He said, “I am deeply saddened over the killing of this promising young man by Fulani….. who have continued to kill and cut down farmed crops at will, sacking native inhabitants and grabbed their lands despite the anti- Land Grabbing Law which ought to have been enforced by the Executive,” but the said law remains a paper legislation for media discourse without it ever set in motion by way of legal proceedings for once, he lamented. In his condolences, he urges to the mourners to cooperate with the security agents who promised to unmask the perpetrators. He also calls on Nigerian Government and international community to come to the aid of the crisis victims as they are in dire need of foodstuffs, farm inputs, resettlement to their sacked villages and Communities which would serve as deterrence to land grabbers that their heinous actions are not left unturned.

The young widow, Mrs. Lyop Amos, a 21 year old woman couldn’t respond to interview as she weeps profusely, mourning her husband whom she had anticipated his return from the farm but never came back alive.

In the same vein, 3 able youth of Irigwe ethnic extraction have been reportedly killed in another armed invasion meted out in the night of 29th July, 2021 by Fulani militias suspected to have hailed from Rafin-Bauna and Dutsen Kura. The incident preceded by an early attack that resulted in burning of the natives residential houses at Zangrwang village of Miango in Bassa LGA in spite of the presence of security personnel as well as closeness of 3rd Armour Division not up to a kilometer away from the affected village.

In view of the increasing acts of terrorism being witnessed in the Riyom and Bassa LGAs in Plateau, ECCVN hereby calls on appropriate authorities to rise up to the occasion so as to avert the escalation of the onslaughts that portend unimaginable danger to the State and the country at large. In addition, a passionate appeals is also made to the National Emergency Management Agency, the Plateau State Management Emergency Agency and other humanitarian aid organizations as well as spirited individuals to hastily come to the aid of the victims for succor as a matter of urgency.


Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Esq.
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN