A man stabbed dead in Riyom Community of Plateau State.

A man stabbed dead in Riyom Community of Plateau State.

One Mr. Ayuba D. Jock of Wereng-Rim hamlet in Rim Community, Riyom LGA of Plateau State was attacked and stabbed dead last night, 3rd June,2020.

Information sourced out by ECCVN has it that Ayuba D. Jock, who is 20 years alongside two locals who narrowly escaped are said to have been ambushed by unidentified persons armed along a pathway linking the Community Headquarters of Rim and Wereng-Rim2, where the unsuspecting locals were passing-by back to Wereng-Rim2.

One of the two locals who escaped, Mr. Shadrach Samuel narrated that “at about to 9:00pm, the 3 of us including including the deceased person went to pick our phone from charging stance at Rim. On our way coming back, some gunmen had laid ambush at a bridge that links Wereng-Rim to Rim; Upon getting to the bridge, we heard gunshots firing at us. The deceased fall down, I jumped downed the bridge and hid thereunder while the other escapee by name Joshua Gwong ran back to Rim” he said. The respondent also disclosed that the deceased shouted “the blood of Jesus” and pleaded with the attackers not to kill him, but continued beating him with stick until he couldn’t cry out again.

Mr. Bitrus Danbwarang, village head (Miangua) of Wereng-Rim2 said, ” though the attackers are yet to be identified, we want thorough investigation into the unfortunate incident so that justice will be ascertained. We are promoters of peace that’s why we rescued 2 Fulani who would have become victims of reaction over the attack on our promising youths.” He thereafter , condemned the attack as being “barbaric act in its entirety.”

The Divisional Police Headquarters of Riyom LGA visited the community and assured the mourners that discreet investigation into the unfortunate incident has been set in motion to unravel the actual fact of what happened, for it’s hopeful that the perpetrators of the said crime will be apprehended so that justice would be said to have been done.

Following what happened, ECCVN’s team with some stakeholders urged the community to rise up to the occasion by being watchful and also avoid late hours movement, for the days are evil.

Local Vigilantes were also call upon to intensify vigilance and fine whoever defies restriction of movement at night. In the same vein, the locals were also conscientized on timely reporting to security agents any suspicious movement and/or act of aggression for prompt intervention.

Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri,
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN