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A Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed a member of Rim community in Riyom LGA of Plateau state

Information just reached out that armed invasion engulfed Mr. Reuben Bulus (aged 25) of Torok hamlet of Rim community, Riyom LGA at about 7:10pm of 20/1/2020.

The deceased, according to an anonymous native/source, is said to have been shot dead during an orchestrated by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

In addition, it’s gathered from neighboring village that the attackers, after invading the area, vigilante spotted them running towards Fulani settlement in Bangai area of Bachi District.

On visiting the scene of the attack this morning, it has been elicited from a native leadership that the attackers suspected to be Fulani herdsmen ” were seen at a valley between Torok and Diyan at about 6:30pm or thereabout. The two natives that individually spotted the suspected attackers who immediately hid themselves in a valley between Diyan and Torok villages thereby becoming very apprehensive of an impending danger. Suddenly, the suspicion impelled one of the women to relate the issue to one Filibus of Gwa-Wereng but couldn’t meet him at home. Upon leaving Filibus’ home, she heard heavy gunfire which cause a regret in her for not raising the alarm immediately she saw the Fulani.”

Another anonymous source has it that “when I heard heavy gunfire around Torok area, I rushed out to survey our environment and shockingly coincided with the an armed group suspected to be the attackers who fired at me. I pinned down and saw them running into the thin bush. After then, there were sporadic gunfire from three different directions of our area. It shows how strategic the attackers positioned themselves.”

The deceased had been buried leaving the village and its environs in a continued state of fear of attacks because Rim Community has recently lost 2 other young persons to similar armed invasions witnessed from January 1st to date.

The inhabitants are appealing for a speed-up implementation of Federal Government’s plan of withdraw of Military personnel from Manning security situation in some parts of the country with Plateau State inclusive with replacement of Mobile Police Force so that volatile villages and communities can have presence of security agents. It is equally appealed that vigilante tasks be intensified as security of lives and property is everyone’s business.

By Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri,
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria

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