Abuse of Power by STF over detention of Hon. Gyedeng

Following the continued incarceration of Hon. Peter Gyedeng, a member representing Barkin Ladi LGA at Plateau State House of Assembly over a framed up guise of protest on extra-judicial killings and genocide staged by women on 28/8/2018 when Abonong, Bek and Ziyat hamlets were razed down and also 20 people killed in cold blood by armed Fulani herdsmen, and also some military personnel who opened fire and killed over 14 at Loh Pamdyet of Top Rayfield, Jos, there have been series of mixed reactions across ethno-religious bodies calling for immediate release of the Humane and most humble member of the State Assembly.

Instead of going after the killer herdsmen for arrest or displacement from terrorists identified areas, it has rather turned out to be a detention of a State Legislator, simply because he is said to have stood by his people who are being massacred on daily basis.

Interestingly as sourced out, the curious detention is deducibly noted from angle that it was a planned arrangement to have him arrested and immediately transferred to Defence Headquarters in Abuja for continuation of inhumane treatment. Consequently, his voice must have been muted and the killer herders would have a field day of aggression with no one challenging or voicing it out. This is in view of the fact that the Hon. Member usually explores the media in exposing the ongoing killings of innocent locals and deliberate destruction of crops.

What calls for concern has been –
1. What justification would the STF convincingly have for detaining a Honourable Member who can be invited at anytime to answer whatever issue the military have against him?
2. Why is the detention on Friday which is the beginning of weekend?
3. Why should there be such a directive from Abuja if not that someone (possibly Brig. Ge. A. M. Bello) on ground might have fuelled the dastardly move?
4. Will it not also be truthfully right to say that the outrageous detention of the Member falls under the destructive designed agenda of Fulani to intimidate and possibly eliminate Human Rights Actors among whom Peter Gyedeng forms part?
5. Would it also not be right to undoubtedly say that Nigerian Military under OPSH OR STF have not withdrawn from its collusion with Fulani militia in promotion of ethnic cleansing mission and protection of terrorist elements since it obviously transferred armed Fulani militias arrested for genocide visited on Riyom and Barkin Ladi locals sometimes back in June and July, 2018 instead of releasing them to Plateau State Police Headquarters for investigation?
6. Hasn’t more than enough of the locals been killed, properties destroyed, men, women and children displaced and young people detained that even those in authority are not respected?
This is said to be curious shortly after attacked Nding Sesut of Fan District, Barkin Ladi LGA and killed 2 young persons
Isn’t this an extension of a long hegemony shown by Gen.A.M. Bello’s subtle bite injects venoms of hatred and, at best, annihilation to ensure that everyone standing against jihadist sentiments is edged out of their way?
This unthinkable development is known to have kicked started again as armed herders’ attacks and some military’s involvement become more tense and worrisome despite the vulnerability of the Plateau natives in the hands of the riotous Fulani who enjoy a monopoly of killings at will.
This therefore, calls for media outreaches, peaceful processions by both women and children, legal actions and any other way lawful to challenge the condemnable and ignoble action of the STF.
People are hereby urged to remain calm as the situation is being keenly watched and followed, having not been ignorant of the agenda that’s being played out in the eye of every lover of truth and fairness.


1. The Senate President
2. The Hon. Speaker of House of Representatives
Executive Governor of Plateau State
3. Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly
4. His Majesty, the Gbong Gwom Jos and Chairman Plateau State Joint Traditional Council.
5. Chief of Defence Staff
6. The United Nations
7. The President of United States of America.