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Residents of Plateau State in Dorowa Babuje of Fan District have been plunged to another state of mourning as a result of armed attack perpetrated by suspected Fulani militants, who are said to had laid ambushe around neighboring village of Rawuru. Unknown to Mr Moses Dalyop, aged 28 and his friend, Mr Samuel Yakubu, aged 26 when they were returning from Rawuru to Dorowa Babuje that the attacker have already pinned down in wait for armed raid on the village, the deceased ran into the militants, who opened gunfire that claimed their lives.

On visit to the Dorowa Babuje, it’s narrated by a local source under anonymity that, “at about 7:30pm of last night, 18th February. 2023, we heard sporadic gunfire at Rawuru junction. Vigilante rushed for rescue mission shortly after which security agents the arrival…” said the source.

Another respondent said that “the scene was mared with gory bodies of Mr Moses Dalyop, 28 years and Samuel Yakubu, 26 years, who leaft behind young wives with children.” For instance, Moses left behind a pregnant woman with a 3 years boy while Mr Samuel left his wife with 3 children, all of whom are crying for justice.

As at the time of filing this report, it’s gathered that the atmosphere within the general area is tense as the unsuspecting locals are very apprehensive of another attack since the militants continue to kill at will with no much done to forestall its recurrence.

The mourners, particularly women called for legalization of firearms to enable villages and communities defend themselves against armed attackers, who are believed to have vowed in their jihadists movement and territorial expansionist agenda.

In view of this, ECCVN hereby calls on Government at all levels as well as security agents to, as a matter of urgency, rise up to the occasion so as to forestall breach of law and order, and also carry out discreet investigation into the whole situation in order to bring about justice to the affected persons. Provision of scholarships and other forms of relief packages ought to be reached out to the immediate family members of the deceased so that the nostalgia being felt would be psychologically addressed.

By Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri,