You are currently viewing Another Gruesome Murder of A Traditional Ruler and Five Others in Plateau State.

Another Gruesome Murder of A Traditional Ruler and Five Others in Plateau State.

In Wereng Community of Plateau State, Nigeria, heavily armed men believed to be Fulani herdsmen alongside their cohorts, at about 10:00pm of Monday 5th October, 2020 invaded the community, killing six people including an awaiting crowned ruler, namely, Prince Chungyang Mwadkon Tengong. Other 5 are-

  1. Mr. Pam Bako Pwol( Prince ‘ cousin)
  2. Mr. Davou kwal
  3. Mr. Linus Rapheal
  4. Mrs Vou Pam
  5. Miss Evelyn Peter, a minor, while those injured are-
  6. Kim Francis. 32 yrs. Wife with 2 children.
    2.Mary Francis. 65
  7. Lyop David 35 yrs.

According to local source, the invasion is said to been unleashed on the community aside previous onslaughts ranging from ambushes, mowing down of farmed crops about to be harvested among many with no needed action taken to forestall recurrence of same.

In response to the dastardly act, an eyewitness has it that, “we are sick and tired of all this; for how long shall we be killed with no action taken? But one thing i know is that God will fight for us” Mrs. Noro Jatau said.

In another reaction, “when we saw the attavkers, we first thought they were vigilante because they were wearing boots and security kits like community Police, until they started shooting at us,” Mr. Kim Francis, 32, one of the injured survivors said. He added that,
“they kept shooting and picking their expended bullet shells as they moved,” said Francis who was shot in the leg.
Mrs. Lyop David, 35 and Mary Francis, 65, who also sustained varying degree of injuries narrated their experiences during the attack, saying they were shot in the thigh and leg respectively and are currently receiving medical treatment but no resources to foot the bill that would be incurred. Thus, solicit for intervention from spirited individuals and appropriate authorities to come to their aid.

During an interface with some of the survivors, it was noted that the community and its neighboring villages are in continued fear in view of threatening messages in circulation by text and in social media that Berom land would continue being subjected to series of be invasions by Fulani militias.

ECCVN hereby calls on appropriate authorities to gear up towards unraveling those behind the crime against humanity perpetrated by the enemies of human race.

Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Esq.
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN