Bokkos Elders


Information reached ECCVN that at about 6:00pm of last night, 8th October, 2022, two villages heads and 2 other natives in Plateau village. The people killed are;-

  1. Mataru Mahwash, 67 year old(village head)
  2. Mallan Amalam, 50 year old(village head)
  3. Ishaya Fompun, 50 year old
  4. Daniel Ishaya, 22 year old were reportedly killed in an armed invasion carried out by gunmen suspected to be Fulani militias.

During on the spot assessment, according to eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, said “the attack in Kulias village of Butura Community, Bokkos LGA is one of many visited on us with little effort put to curtail it as we have been experiencing incidences of isolated killings and alarming destruction of farmed crops in this place and other neighboring villages..” with no provocation posed to the Fulani whom we are suspecting to have committed the killings based on continued provocative and mischievous grazing mostly perpetrated at night hours in the recent times,” he lamented.

The attack, which lasted for minutes, is said to have occurred a day after students of All Nation Academy in Mabel of Bokkos LGA were abducted and later on saved by effort of security agents stationed in Mwarish general area. It’s gathered that, “security agents urged our local vigilante outfits to aid them to crannies where abductors of the students could possibly be

Another respondent, Mr. Josiah the former councilor of Butura Ward Mahwash who hails from the community told ECCVN that “dozens of armed men suspected to be Fulani militias stormed our community at about 9:00pm of last night. As a result, 4 persons including my elder brother, Mr. Mataru Mahwash was amongst the unsuspecting natives killed by gunshots.., ” he said. He added that upon hearing the heavy gunfire unleashed by the attackers, everyone including myself scamper for safety in the nearby bushes until the shootings were over. On our return, I found my elder brother and other 3 in pool of blood” as residents are in a serious state mourning and tension panic, not knowing what would befall them again.

Another source expressed sadness over the degenerating state of security in the general area, where they have recently lost more than 5 people in neighboring villages as a result of similar act of militancy. He said, “some of the Fulani making life unbearable to us are ones that hail from Mahanga of Riyom LGA, Josho of Bokkos LGA, Angware of Jos East LGA who, with no permission, established own settlements wherefrom they abduct, graze and destroy farmed crops, robbed with arms and kill at will using same,” he added.

As at 5:00pm of today, 9th October, 2022, the time of filing this report, some villages of Mangor in Bokkos were under terror attack by the suspected militias.

Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Esq.
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN