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BECO Petitioned Against DPO Riyom

                                                                                                                                               Date: 18-08-2020



In view of the aforementioned subject matter, the Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO), hereby state and/complain as follows:-

  1. It’s within public knowledge that almost all villages and communities of Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGAs have had several painful experiences of spade of armed invasions and other forms of hostilities orchestrated by Fulani killer herdsmen and their cohorts at one point or the other.
  2. With relative but fragile peace being enjoyed from last year, 2019 to-date, natives of the Local Governments have continued witnessing diverse unprovoked acts of aggression, mischievous grazing and other terror attacks attributed to the ongoing criminal activities of the Fulani militias in territorial expansionist agenda, publicly displayed with no restraint at some points.
  3. That the Nigerian Police Force, an agency of Government saddled with responsibility of guaranteeing protection of lives and properties as statutorily provided, appears to have been dragged to the mud by conduct of the Divisional Police Officer of Riyom LGA, in the following circumstances-
    a. On 28th day of September, 2019, Messrs. Solomon Miango, Dachollom Madu and Dagul Davou, returnee IDPs of Daku hamlet in Jol Community were ambushed and shot dead by identified Fulani militias namely Jamilu Isa and Safiyanu Musa whose names were mentioned by Mr. Dachollom Madu to Investigation Police Officer of Riyom before the former gave up his ghost. The incident which the DPO was not only informed, but the stakeholders of Jol Community, during a courtesy visit to the Divisional Police Officer, re-echoed same and demanded for arrest as well as prosecution of the said killers where necessary. Dishearteningly, the community has been kept in limbo as no information as to effort being made to effect the arrest of the terror elements mentioned nor arrest of Fulani leaders in order to trail/fish out the attackers.
    b. On 11th day of February, 2020, Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN petitioned the Commissioner of Police through the DPO on the incident of land grabbed by Fulani herdsmen, expecting a swift preliminary investigation which has not only been halted, but the DPO has out rightly failed to comply with directive from CIID demanding for transfer of the case file as well as two suspects arrested in connection with the said crime.
    c. That on 20th April, 2020 an identified Fulani herder namely Ya’u mischievously mowed down Banana trees belonging to Da Dalyop Dantong of Kyeng in Bachi District, Riyom LGA which was duly reported to the Divisional Police Headquarters of Riyom LGA for prompt action after plea, but silence from the Police became the reward gotten by the victim.
    d. That on 31st May, 2020, Mr. Bulus Chuwang of Wereng Community was attacked by armed Fulani militias during which he was robbed of his #180,000 aside injuries sustained. The matter was reported to Divisional Police Headquarters of Riyom, hoping to see assiduous steps taken towards arresting the suspects whose phones were picked at the scene of the attack, but no further effort has so far been made (not even arresting the Fulani’s leaders in order to fish out the attackers).
    e. That on 9th June, 2020, Mr. Dachung Mwadkon (former Acting Traditional Ruler/Gwom Wereng), Mr Samuel Dom (Wereng Community Development Chairman), Mr Jatau Davou (Ward-Head) and Mr. Felix Pam (Youth Leader) were arrested and whisked away to Bukuru Police Area Command, where they were detained after having been peacefully invited to Riyom Divisional police Headquarters through phone-call by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Riyom Local Government over a purported assault on one Fulani herder by yet to be identified persons. The arrest and detention took place after the incident captured in the preceding paragraph. No Fulani leader was arrested in order to fish out the attackers even though one suspect was arrested and released after investigation revealed him not involved in the said crime. It’s also stated as follows-
    i. The detainees, out of threats and undue pressures, humbly pleaded for time to enable them make necessary local findings to fish out the actor of the said assault since they are peace loving people who undertook to assist the Police in the look-out, but all pleas fell on deaf ears, as the DPO remained resolute and adamant on detaining the said community leaders who had no link to the assault committed.
    ii. That arresting and detaining them will make the culprit surface to the Police.
    iii. That in spite of passionate plea, the 4 community leaders were arrested and whisked away to Bukuru Police Area Command, where they were detained and released on bail the following day.
    iv. That the 4 remained in incarceration with threats of continued detention and torture if the culprit does not surface.
    f. That on 24th day of June, 2020, Mr. Obed Pam spotted Cows grazing on farmed crops while the Fulani man stood by without chasing them away which impelled the former to drive the said Cows. As a result, a physical scufflle ensued between them leading to mild injuries on 4 Cows which the Divisional Police Headquarters of Riyom compelled Mr Obed Pam to pay a sum of #25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira only) to the Fulani.
    g. Dishearteningly on 27th June, 2020, a group of armed Fulani herdsmen attacked 5 youths namely, Pam Yakubu, Chomo Pam, Isaac Dung, Paul Pam and Irmiya Ezekiel of Kum village at mining site, resulting into varying degree of injuries sustained by the 5 unsuspecting youths. The incident was reported to the DPO who promised to take action but nothing was done about it. Coincidentally, one of the attackers was identified at the Divisional Headquarters of Riyom on July 20th, 2020 where 333 Cows were apprehended at Kum village grazing on 19 farmed crops. He was arrested but later released further action.
  4. The above instances among others necessitated our writing this petition over the biased disposition of the DPO thereby eroding public confidence reposed over time on the Nigerian Police Force-NPF as an agency of government saddled with responsibility of protection of lives and properties accordingly.
  5. That in order to save the long-held outstanding image of the Nigerian Police Force from being plunged into the mud of sentiments and other forms of compromises, urgent action ranging from discreet investigation, redeployment and/or other disciplinary measures be taken, if this petition is found weighty. We also demanded that-
    a. Investigation, sanction and also removal/redeployment of the DPO of Riyom from Riyom LGA if found wanting by virtue of this complaint against him.
    b. Discreet investigations as stated herein be revisited to unravel activities of criminal elements in the forementioned areas/formation for necessary disciplinary actions in accordance with provisions of the law.
    c. Arrest and prosecution of all suspects of both terror attacks, land grabbers and other crimes associated with aggression.
    d. And any other measure deemed appropriate in the circumstance.
  6. The germane questions to ask are-
    a. Was the DPO’s inaction over the call for the arrest of killers of the 3 returnee IDPs of Daku hamlet in Jol Community, Riyom LGA not compromising?
    b. Isn’t the DPO’s failure to both complete investigation and/or transfer the case file with 2 suspects arrested in respect of the petition as in paragraph 3(b) above not a dereliction of duty and defiance to CIID’s directive respectively?
    c. Whether or not arbitrary arrest and detention of former acting traditional ruler and 3 other elders of Wereng Community in order to fish out unidentified suspected indigenes over a purported assault said to have been occasioned by the latter not a flagrant violation of fundamental rights to their dignity of human person and personal liberty in spite of undertaking to assist the Police in investigation to trail the culprit?
    d. Assuming but not conceding that arrest of community leaders in order to fish out criminals is proper, shouldn’t leaders of Fulani have been arrested too, so that they could be compelled to produce perpetrators of crimes committed as stated in paragraph 3 (c), (d,), (e) and (g)?
    In view of the above issues among others that the DPO unprofessionally exhibited biasness, BECO becomes much apprehensive with these developments whereof lives and properties of the Beroms are not equally accorded unbiased attention and treatment as publicly mandated by law. For it will certainly not guarantee peace and tranquility in our society if this kind of unethical conduct is not timely curbed down. Sir, it will serve the interest of justice, fairness and public peace as well as security if this urgent call for your intervention is duly given a consideration with alacrity so that justice without element of sentiment would be said to have been done to all manner of persons irrespective of ethno-religious affiliations.

Yours faithfully,

Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop Da Chollom D. Gyang
President Secretary General


  • His Majesty, the Gbong Gwom Jos and Chairman Joint Traditional Council, Plateau State.
  • The Distinguished Senator representing Plateau North Senatorial District, National Assembly Abuja.
  • The Hon. Member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyon Federal Constituency, National Assembly Abuja.
  • The Hon. Member representing Riyiom LGA, Plateau State House of Assembly.
  • The Transition Committee Chairman of B/Ladi Local Government Area
  • The Transition Committee Chairman of Riyom Local Government Area.
  • The Gwom Rwey of Riyom District.
  • The Dagwom Rwey of Bachi District
  • The Gwom Jol.
  • The Gwom Rwey of Heipang,
  • The Gwom Rwey of Fan
  • The Gwom Rwey of Foron
  • Gwom Rwey of Ropp
  • Gwom Rwey of Gashish