Aside the economic setback globally caused by COVID-19, suspected Fulani herdsmen have continued taken the other central stage of visiting doom on local farmers in Plateau State. This assertion is true the fact that Wereng Community of Riyom LGA in Plateau State has found itself in another tragic situation of which over 28 farmed crops including Maize, Fonio (Acha), Soya Beans, Beneseed, Guinea Corn, Cocoa Yam, Sweet Potatoes among many worth millions of Naira were massively mowed down and grazed on overnight of 4th September, 2020 affecting-

  1. Dalyop Mwanti.
  2. Mrs. Garose Gyang.
  3. Mr. Davou Yakubu.
  4. Mr. Ishaya Musa.
  5. Mr. Pam Luka.
  6. Mrs. Chundung Augustine.
  7. Mr. Bitrus Boyi.
  8. Mr. Pam Monday.
  9. Mr. Dachollom Jatau.
  10. Mrs. Helen Luka.
  11. Mr. Gyang Jatau.
  12. Mrs. Titi Mwachwel.
  13. Mrs. Lyop Davou.
  14. Mr. Dachung Musa.
  15. Mr. Davou Dapwe.
  16. Dalyop Davou Maikarfi.
  17. Davou Lange.
  18. Sunday Davou.
  19. Dauda Mwagong.
  20. Simi Bulus.
  21. Samuel Mwatep.
  22. Pam Davou.
    amongst many.
    The barbaric act is said to have been carried out by the herdsmen who went overnight and perpetrated it, thereby leaving the victims in state of mourning and helplessness.
    According to spokesman among the victims, Mr. Dalyop Davou Maikarfi, who has more than 2hctr grown with Maize, Groundnut, Fonio (Acha) and Millet farms mowed down and grazed thereon lamented that, ” Alh. Ya’u is the only Fulani with cattle herds close to the affected farms in the area, and had previously accepted responsibility of tracing any mischief maker amongst his kinsmen, but this time, we found out that himself, Cows and the herdsmen that assist in looking after them were however nowhere this morning of Saturday, 5th September, 2020 after the overnight destructions” it was gathered. He also narrated an impending ordeals his family members would coercively be subjected to, ” I am married with 2 wives and blessed with 15 children, and more than half of them are in school… my dreams of sponsoring their education and also meeting up their other needs have become a mirage”, he said.
    “For I invested over N1.5m in these farms but now left with nothing after anticipation of bumper harvest. My children and …other affected persons have been thrown into dungeon of hunger in the coming season,” said the 55year-old man who couldn’t hold his tears.
    When visiting other scenes by ECCVN’s team for further on the spot assessment, personnel of Riyom Police Divisional Headquarters alongside Community Police were on ground while the affected persons weeping profusely as over 28 farmlands were not only shorn, but also grazed, trampled with cattle hoof marks and littered with dungs.
    He cried out his heart as other victims, especially his family members, in bewilderment, beheld their only means of livelihood lying waist.
    Other victims also registered their bewilderment over the gory incident which impelled them to passionately appeal for intervention from all sundries as gloomiest season would invariably become their fate if no humanitarian outreach is staged up for them in this hard time, for their only means of survival has been subverted with attendant effect of food crisis undeniably looming up with potency of engulfing them in all ramifications of life.

Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Esq.
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN