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Increasing armed invasion on Plateau native communities by killer Fulani herdsmen

On the night of September 25th, 2018 at about 6:54 pm, Byei hamlet of Riyom Community,  Riyom LGA of Plateau State witnessed another armed invasion perpetrated by armed Fulani herdsmen suspected to have been accompanied by some Nigerian security personnel who aided the operation. 

As a result, One person by name Mr. Yohanna Dalyop Nyango, aged 47 is reported to have been shot dead while Mrs. Simi Samuel sustained fatal injuries on her Chest region, right leg and  fracture on her right hand and has been on admission at Vom Christian Hospital. When Mrs. Simi was contacted at Vom Hospital, though in severe pain, she said “last evening,  at about 6:54 or thereabout, I was sitting by the entrance of my Kitchen with my children cooking, I suddenly saw two people barged in,  and rushed at Mr. Yohanna Dalyop with heavy gunfire. I immediately took to my heels for escaped but noted excruciating pain sustained by gunshots fired towards our direction.

Shockingly, I found myself in a pool of blood, gushing out. I felt very weak and couldn’t move again.

Thus,  I pretended to had died in order not to be shot again. The shootings lasted for about an hour or more, and when residents from other houses started screaming aloud, the attackers quickly ordered, in English language while others spoke Fulfude, for their withdrawal shortly after which I heard movement of vigilante coming to my house. 

Dishearteningly, I overheard people saying that Mr. Yohanna is dead. I couldn’t believe it, even though I had earlier on concluded everyone in the house was killed in view of the heavy shootings that went on unabatedly.”

 The terrorist elements unleashed the mayhem on the innocent natives, following an unusual massive grazing that continued up to late evening time as observed by the locals in that fateful day. Rev. (Rtd)  Dalyop Nyango,  father of the deceased person could not respond to interview, due to the weights of exit of his beloved son.

However, one of the anonymous vigilante expressed his dismay over the unprofessional attitude of Nigerian military stationed at Darel area that is not up to a half kilometer away from the affected community, in spite of presence of the military but couldn’t even shoot to scare away the attackers from the operation that lasted for over an hour.

He said “we strongly suspect a high collusion of Nigerian military,  because sometimes ago, we resisted an establishment of that military unit. We foresaw this ugly incident but we were never heard, and instead, sent away with brutality as one of us was arrested and kept in long detention for over a month, simply because we agitated against the suspicious planned arrangement the Armed Fulani might have had with Nigerian military to possibly invade our land  In another development, Mr.  Paul Ayuba of Wereng community of Riyom LGA was ambushed and shot dead along Kwi-Haipang road at about 6;42 pm of that same evening of September 28th, 2018. 

The attacks appear to have been allowed at will of the Armed Fulani as Kwi and Jol communities seem to be the major target of the herders. These continues unabatedly in spite of the presence of Nigerian military stationed in each of those localities. For instance, one person was injured when the Fulani attacked   Kwi in the midnight of 28/9/2018. Meanwhile, was  Jol community on 29/9/2018 at about 4;06  pm. The incident lasted for over 3 hours resulting to the killing of Mr. Meshak Luka,  while another injured. 

This morning,  at about 8:21 am, local vigilante spotted groups of armed Fulani herdsmen in hundreds are advancing from Rankum (Mahanga) to attack Jol community,  Riyom LGA of Plateau State again as reported by Dachung Yakubu,  through phone call. He said, “while some few churches in Jol are about commencing Sunday-Service, we saw groups of the armed Fulani trooping to our community. Though it has been reported to the military on ground,  but it appears they are not ready to intervene in the impending attack”. 

  Just as at the time of filing this report, information has been sourced out that Rubung village in Foron District of Barkin Ladi LGA was similarly invaded by the Fulani last night. The locals are expressing concern about the aversion  of Government from committing itself to decisively arrest the wage of violence being celebrated by the Islamists is increasingly constituting impunity of the highest magnitude. 

There’s  therefore, a passionate call for international intervention otherwise the ethnic groups on the Plateau and Nigeria at large would be extinct in no distant time as echoed by Gen. T.Y. Danjuma. 

All concerned members of human family are urged to stage up advocacy across the globe to ensure that Nigerian Government performs it primary responsibilities of protecting human lives and properties without any socio-religious sentiment/favoritism, which has never augur well for the well-being of humanity,  especially the native Christians in North-Central and North-East of Nigeria.

Summarily, the church in Nigeria is in its unprecedented travails and persecution ever since the existence of this country. This has invariably subjected the church to unimaginable siege. 

By Barr. Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Executive Secretary, Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria 

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