Another tragedy befalls Plateau Community of Jol in Riyom LGA as suspected Fulani militias mowed down 8 farms of Maize in the night of Sunday, 4th July, 2021.

The report of the incident reached ECCVN this morning that, ” 9 Maize farms at Gwa-jul area of Jol Community have been massively mowed down by Fulani militias… ” said Mr. James Bulus, member of Neighborhood Watch in Jol. The farmers namely-

1. Ezekiel Bulus
2. Stephen Dalyop
3. Kaneng Ishaya
4. Joshua Bwede
5. Joffre Davou Dongo
6. Joseph Mairabo
7. Chundung Joshua
8. Aaron Danladi and
9. Pam Usaini
are rudely shocked by the heartlessness of the Fulani in this time that economy of Nigeria is harshly biting.

In the same vein, some natives of Kwi Community in Riyom LGA are similarly crying their pains over the continued willful destruction and harvest of ripe corn criminally perpetrated yesterday, 4th July and today, 5th July 2021. The affected farmers include-

1. Mr Dalyop Gyang
2. Dung Dalyop Gyang
3. Istifanus Sodari
4. Samuel Sodari

and many others who lost their farmed produce as a result of the mischiefs.

The victims are however appealing to the Council’s Chairman of Riyom LGA to, as a matter of conscience and urgency, give effect to a signed resolution made in one of the security meetings chaired by him that each party shall be mandated to compensate the other in any circumstance of this nature, but nothing seems to have been done about it.

This developments affirm an intelligence locally gathered and circulated that Fulani herdsmen vowed that there won’t be harvest in Berom Communities which is glaringly coming to bare.

This, by implication, is obviously clear that while armed invasions are daily meted out on native villages and communications on one hand, food insecurity is the probable consequences anticipated on the other hand with no drastic measures taken or any form of intervals made by Government and other bodies to cushion the effects of the ongoing hostilities being brandished by the marauders. This is another warfare villages and communities are subjected thereto while authorities concerned keep mute.

In view of the above development, ECCVN hereby calls on Government at all levels and spirited individuals to, as a matter of conscience, step up intervention programs, particularly relief materials and psychosocial supports to the said victims whose only means of livelihood have been crippled overnight.


Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Esq.
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN