We envision a Nigerian society where the poor victims of violence and crisis have access to justice, material and Psycho-social supports necessary for their wellbeing as well as their welfare.

This is achieved through developing collected Data Base that can be used towards developing affected crisis areas in consideration of bringing succor to displaced persons and logically supporting crisis victims towards restoring normalcy in their lives.


  1. Establish legal teams within the Centre, and also coordinators/local representatives in all crisis affected areas for the purpose of not only assessing damage done, but also to find out areas of both immediate as practicable as possible especially on issues related to children, women and the aged as well as IDPs in general so as to ensure that all victims who need justice, materials and psycho-social supports are not neglected or abandoned to their fate.
  2. Facilitate the provision of free legal services from a volunteered team of lawyers, collaborating law firms and NGOs at both national and international levels.