Plateau States apparently appears to be one of the epic centres of rising insecurity in Nigeria, particularly within the Middle-Belt region as suspected Fulani militias have continued maiming lives, ambushing unsuspecting persons, mowing down of farmed crops among many thereby throwing natives inhabitants into pitiable state of live with attendant hardships daily recorded.

In an interview following the recent happenings, it’s gathered that on Saturday, 27th March, 2021, 3 girls – Miss Sibi Danladi, and Miss Charity Danladi, both 16 years-old were ambushed with one other along Nchenyu village of Kwall District in Bassa area at about evening time, President of Irigwe Development Association, Mr. Robert Ashi said.

In another related development, 3 women of Jol Community in Riyom LGA were similarly ambushed, assaulted and dispossessed of their Tin along a bush path from Rotchun(Rafin Acha) to Vwak by identified Fulani youths one of whom was traced and arrested on 29th March, 2021 by local vigilante group who immediately handed him over to Police Divisional Headquarters of Riyom for preliminary investigation.

In the same vein, 2 natives of Byei village in Riyom LGA were ambushed at about few minutes to 7:00pm of 28th March, 2021 by a group of armed Fulani militias not far from Military Unit stationed between Wereng-Camp and Byei. As a result, Mr. Stephen Joshua was hacked dead while Mr. Yohanna Dauda escaped narrowly.

The unsuspecting natives are said to have been returning from Wereng Camp when the militias emerged from the nearby bush and encircled them, said the survivor. He narrowly escaped but his colleague was stabbed multiple times leading to his dead. The matter was immediately reported to Divisional Police Headquarters of Riyom whose personnel evacuated and deposited the corpse at the mortuary of Vom Christian Hospital until 31st March, 2021 when it would be taken back to Byei for burial, said one of the family members.

In that fateful night, over 9 farmlands of more than 4 hectares were completely mowed down overnight at Nod area of the same Byei village by suspected Fulani herdsmen whose act of criminality affected the following farmers and their crops-

  1. Iliya Gyang: Cabbage and Maize.
  2. Christopher Joshua: Maize and Hot Pepper.
  3. Ishaya Davou: Maize
  4. Joshua Gyang: Maize.
  5. Mrs Hannatu Jah: Bricolage.
  6. Danjuma Gyang: Maize

Mr. Iliya Gyang, married and blessed with 6 children who are all in school would be adversely affected by the incident. He said, It cost me not less that #1.5 Million to cultivate the 3 farmlands in January, 2021 and had used up more than 40 bags of fertilizer, engaged over 39 labourers for cultivation and other ancillary services believing to realize not less than #4 Millions as proceeds from sale of the crops that were about to be harvested, but now the story has changed gloomily because of sadistic intent of Fulani herdsmen whom I firmly hold that they are aiming at plunging us into destitution which has now crippled me economically as my children may not continue their education because of financial ineptitude I now find myself in. This was my hope but now varnished into a world of imagination. We don’t know what to do now” as he profusely wept looking at the magnitude of the damage occasioned.

This is one of the many incidents of crops mowed down that has left victims to struggle with psychosocial and economic consequences since Government has never considered any form of assistance for victims farmed crops destruction. The affected farmers are however appealing to Government and spirited individuals to come to their aid such as provision of fertilizer and other farm implements to start up again since the aim of dry season farming is largely for commercial purposes. They are also soliciting for relief materials or any other form of humanitarian intervention to cushion the effect of the dastardly act.


Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri,Esq.
Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria-ECCVN